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Maclay Admissions Department

Because Maclay School offers a college preparatory curriculum, the school accepts students who are likely to pursue higher education after graduation. Admission is based on the applicant's record of achievement, including both grades and standardized test scores, on professional and personal recommendations, and under certain circumstances on the results of an admissions test. A visit to the school and personal interview with the director of admissions are also recommended.

A non-refundable fee of $50.00 must accompany each application. The applicant and his/her parents are notified of the admissions decision as soon as possible after all conditions of candidacy are met. Upon admission to Maclay School, a 10% tuition deposit is required to guarantee your child’s place. This sum is credited toward tuition.

Students are admitted with the understanding that they will remain for the full year (unless otherwise specified at the time of entrance), and that they will conduct themselves as responsible citizens of the school community. Maclay reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student for misconduct or serious violation of school discipline. In the event of suspension, dismissal, or voluntary withdrawal of the student, no refund will be made of tuition, fees, or other charges paid or owed the school.

Maclay School's Admissions Department accepts student applications year-round. For more information please call (850) 893-7857.

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